EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference calls together the best thinking in higher education IT to become even better at what we do. This is where professionals and technology providers from around the world gather to network, share ideas, grow professionally, and discover solutions to today’s challenges. It’s the largest gathering of your peers…people you can relate to, learn from, and stay connected to throughout the year.

Join us in the mile high city as we converge in Denver for the best of what matters most to you.

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"I have been attending [this conference] for many years and the content is excellent. I particularly enjoyed the presenters—they were incredible!"

General Session Presenters

  • Michele Norris

    Former NPR Host and Special Correspondent, Founding Director, The Race Card Project & Executive Director of The Bridge

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    Bronze Partner

  • Alexis Ohanian

    Co-Founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital, Bestselling Author

  • 300+ Sessions
  • 700+ Presenters
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    Interact with your peers and share your excitement for #EDU18 on Twitter.

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    What to do in Denver

    Discover more about the Denver area (attractions, climate, things to do, and more).

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    More About the "Mile High City"

    Explore EDUCAUSE 2017

    See details and highlights from our last annual conference in Philadelphia.

    What Happened Last Conference

  • Key Dates

    Sep 7

    Early Bird Registration Deadline

    Last day to receive early bird registration rate.

    Oct 30 Gymnastics Joma blue Shoes Women's blue O5wRqTn7w

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    Workshops will take place October 30 (additional fee required)

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    Conference Dates

    Conference breakout sessions will take place October 31 through November 2

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Future Dates and Locations

Plan to take part in the best thinking in higher education IT for years to come.

October 14–17
Chicago, IL

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October 26–29
Boston, MA

October 26–29
Philadelphia, PA